What is your INTENTION? And leading the workplace with compassion.

Thought for today:


What is your intention?

Do you wake up every morning with clear intentions??

Intentions give you a sense of clarity and focused direction.


With clarity comes great wisdom and rewards.


“Knowing your intention can be your greatest guiding force in the creation of a better life”Oprah


Today, I would like to share with you this podcast. Oprah interviews Jeff Weiner who is the CEO of LinkedIn.

MANY great lessons are shared in this podcast. See link below.

My intention in sharing this with you today, is that you may find some phenomenal treasures of wisdom that is so generously shared in this conversation.


Go on and prosper in your endeavours.

Always striving to Be the BEST version of yourself.

Stay open and flexible in your learnings and growth.

Most of all I wish you happiness and health in all areas of your life.


Have a wonderful week end.

With love and light

Coach Karina and the EP Team.


Link to the interview with Jeff Weiner who is the CEO of LinkedIn by Oprah: