MY BEST 5 – Life Strategy



MY BEST 5 – Life Strategy

My BEST 5 is a life strategy.

There is scientific evidence backing the positive affect this has on in one’s life upon completing this exercise daily.


How is works?

At the end of each day, have a review of your day and go through the BEST 5 things that have happened during that day.

It is even more beneficial to do this with someone: partners, family and friends (even one’s dogs or cats) J.


Why do this?

So many of us get caught up with life. It is a simple and beautiful way to help one in re-centering the self and focusing on what one did achieve.


What will it do for you?

HA AH. Just try it out then let me know what it did for you. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


So, what are the BEST 5 Things that have happened for you today?




Our brain processes noise first (external and internal) then negative things (some of that internal noise) and then meaning. So finding quiet and still moments is necessary for your brain to fully process.

Centering oneself is key to well-being, health and inner peace.

“I make time to go within and breathe deeply. 

Focusing on my breath. 

All will be well”.

Much Love and Light

Karina and the EP Team