We have all heard the famous saying: “You can’t pour form an empty cup”.
I would rather say “You can pour so much more from a full cup”.

This got me thinking about writing this today… How many of us actually know what fills our cup??? 
Seriously, do you know what really and truly fills your cup?

Here are my tips…

Find a quiet space & time, (usually upon waking up or going to sleep).
In your mind, ask yourself these questions:

“Karina, (it helps to use our name), what do you really need to fill your cup, today and every day? ”
“What is important to you?”
How can you nurture yourself?”
“What do you need to stay well balanced and healthy every day?”

Keep going in such a manner, till the answers come to you…till you truly hear your inner voice…and no you are not going mad :-). 
Just listen and trust your inner guidance guiding you.

Another very effective way of doing this, is writing in a journal. You do exactly the same on paper in your journal, and then you write what comes to you.

Most people don’t ever take the time to even ask these questions much less to do this kind of exercise. We chose FB (Facebook), media, news, movies etc. These things can be very useful, but are generally only a distraction explaining why so many are not finding the balance. 
Personally, I am seeing more and more clients coming to me to help them with these very issues.

NO ONE can tell you what your personal cup needs filling with. 
You have to ask yourself and find out. 

Personally, it has taken me a while to figure it out (because I too did not listen for so long). Things like: technology fasts on weekends, sleeping in, eating really healthy fruits veggies and foods, exercising, and saying NO are some of the answers I have come to learn along the way. I am still learning.

Good luck on finding out what really fills your cup.
You owe it to yourself to look after YOU. No one can do it for you like you alone can. 
Plus when you do, you are able to do and give that much more. Better able to serve people, your kids, your loved ones, and to be a more productive individual who is happier.

Then, “You can pour so much more from a full cup”. 
Have an awesome day.