FACT – Did you know… Negativity causes brain damage! Need not to say more.
Nature teaches us this all the time.
My dearest mother came to visit me in Cape Town recently (oh what fun we always have).
She is always imparting her wisdom with me so effortlessly as we chat.
She is a YOUNG 60 year old, it shows in her incredible energy levels (yes, I get it from her, BUT she’s got even more energy than me at times…), it shows in her face, her skin (she has never botoxed or spent crazy money on creams & facials etc…).
As we were talking whilst picking her up from the airport late at night, she told me about one of her neighbors who is 63. This lady struggles for so many things, she refuses to walk to the shops which are only 150 meters from her house, and struggles to use a debit card (not knowing that you have to press the enter button once you enter your pin). Up until now this lady’s husband pretty much did everything for her until he had a sudden heart attack and this is where my mum stepped in to help her with life and things.
The point I am trying to make is this:
Whilst it is GREAT to build habits, try challenging some of your rhythms and behaviour, by changing them occasionally.
FLEX those brain muscle memory patterns and behaviours!!
Step OUT of your comfort ZONE all the time, this is how you build your neuroplasticity.
Think about the GYM, trainers will constantly push you out of your comfort zone, so that the muscles and body don’ t get lazy and complacent.
The next time someone kicks you out of the boardroom because it was double booked, ADAPT.
The next time you have got to go out of your way because someone forgot, was late etc… ADAPT
Or the next time you find yourself out of your comfort zone, KNOW that you are GROWING and chose to ADAPT.
Keep a plan B ready for all occasions!
As Robin Sharma so eloquently puts it: pushing oneself through the discomforts is essential to one’s inner growth and this is what life is about – Growth.
Every moment of everyday, we are making choices, from what we are thinking, to how we react, and to what we do in the end. CHOOSE TO ADAPT EVERYDAY. CHOOSE NOT TO DIE. I choose to adapt. What are you choosing?
Thought for the day:
“I attract only harmonious situations and relationships today and everyday. My peacefulness is reflected in my life and is my gift to others. I stay steady, calm and compassionate no matter what’s going on around me, because I always remember that love is the greatest healing force”.
By Karina Bognon