Starting a New Job- Less is More

Starting a new job, promotion, in a new division, new opportunities… Or you may someone who is? Then please share this.
My mama shared this excellent advice when I was younger “Less is more”.
Mama Lou always reminded me that at work:
“Keep it PROFESSIONAL, the less people know about you and your life, the better. 
Sure, open up a little, it is healthy for people to know a bit about you. Such as where you born and grew up, what you studied and some of your hobbies.
But don’t over share things like; what your sexual adventures, tendencies or preferences are, as well as your political & religious views, these are best kept for yourself alone. 
Why? The less people know, the less likely they are to use it against you, or talk about you. Keep it professional that is the key
It takes time and years to build trusting relationships, especially in a working environment and don’t be fooled by those very charming people who try and act like your best friend. Hopefully you have a best friend outside of work. 
Of course one builds friendships from work – but these are best built once you have left the common working environment. 
Both of my best friends came from my previous working environments, but they were mostly built after we left our prospective employers. 
I have seen too many people, myself included make the mistake to think one has a best friend at work, only to disappointed down the line.  
So remember, Less is More & keep and it professional.
Thought for today:
“The change you are making increases the flow of abundance & prosperity in many areas of your life”.